What is JANUS?

JANUS is a unique compound made from rice bran wax, which is a byproduct of rice production. JANUS is 100% biodegradable, organic, recyclable, backyard compostable, and offers excellent barrier properties, making it the best environmentally safe replacement for traditional chemical lamination such as polyethylene and paraffin.

Paper Coating Solution

The JANUS coating preserves the useful function of paper packaging while reducing its environmental impact. It enables brands to improve sustainability, meet eco-friendly packaging demands, and help curb plastic waste and reliance on fossil fuels. Using JANUS as a paper coating showcases dedication to forward-looking and responsible packaging methods, advancing a more environmentally friendly future.

JANUS' versatility will lead to a long list of products that will no longer sit in landfills for centuries. That has always been our goal, and we are confident this venture will make a dramatic environmental impact sooner than consumers think.

Rick Bulman - CEO of J & J Green paper

Key Highlights of JANUS

How will JANUS be used?


Burgers, Tacos, Gyro, French Fry Wrappers

Paper Pouches

Coffee bean, Cereal, Trail Mixes, Dry Fruits, Cookies, Candies

Pizza Boxes

Pizza and other delivery boxes

Fast Food Serving Packages

Burger boxes, French Fry Holders, Cups and Bags

Disposable Straws
and Utensils

Cups, Forks, Spoon, Straws, Plates

Food Wrappers

Sandwich & Meat Wraps


Chinese take-out & Soup containers

Meat Wraps

Frozen Food Wraps, and Dividers

Cheese and Butter Wraps

Cheese, Stick Butter and Produce Wraps