Today, a US$150 million foreign investment project settled in the new district!

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This morning, the signing ceremony for the 90,000-ton annual biodegradable biofood packaging coating material (JANUS+) project was held. Qian Hongwen, a member of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the New District Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee, attended and delivered a speech; committee leader Wang Wangoliang presided over and signed the contract.
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It is understood that the American J&J Green Paper Company was founded in 2013 and is located in Delaware, the United States. The new JANUS patented product developed by the company is organic, biodegradable, fully recyclable, green and pollution-free. It is currently sold in the United States, China, and South Africa. Waiting for countries to apply for corresponding patents, it is expected to replace the currently commonly used polyethylene products in the future. Huzhou Shengtao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research, development and production of pure natural extracted and refined edible wax for decades. It has several technologically advanced production lines.

At home and abroad and several patents with independent intellectual property rights. It will provide technical support for the project. The total investment of the project in the new area is US$150 million. It will build a bio-packaging material production base containing 6 product production lines. It will produce biodegradable bio-food packaging coating materials (JANUS+) and sell them globally. It is expected to be realized after full production is reached. The annual output value is 1.2 billion yuan.
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At the signing ceremony, Qian Hongwen expressed his gratitude for the project settling in the new district. He pointed out that Huzhou is a hot spot for entrepreneurship and innovation and is becoming the first choice for investment and a gathering place for talents in the Yangtze River Delta. South Taihu New Area has obvious location advantages, beautiful ecological environment, excellent business environment and complete platform functions. It is hoped that enterprises and project parties can give full play to their own advantages, integrate multiple resources, work together with government and enterprises to achieve win-win cooperation, and achieve fruitful results. The new district will take this signing as a starting point to actively coordinate and provide services required for project construction, ensure the fulfillment of policies, create an optimal business environment with passion and dedication, and provide better services for the project to be implemented and transformed as soon as possible and to maximize benefits.
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Scott Segal, founder and CEO of J&J Green Paper Company in the United States, said that the location advantages and industrial layout of the new district are in line with the company’s future development direction. The bio- packaging materials that will be put into production in the future will have green and pollution-free characteristics, which is in line with the green development concept of the new district. And together. Next, the company will strive for high-quality resources, cooperate with the new district, and strive to build the project into the world’s largest production base.

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