A World With JANUS

Once JANUS coating technology is integrated worldwide, these are the significant impacts we will see in our life time.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Switching from polyethylene coating to eco-friendly alternatives reduces packaging's environmental footprint. Polyethylene (LDPE), derived from fossil fuels, exacerbates issues like greenhouse gas emissions and marine pollution. By opting for sustainable options like JANUS, you significantly mitigate packaging's environmental impact. Picture a beach free from plastic trash, reminiscent of Earth's pristine state.


Decreased Plastic Waste

Replacing polyethylene coatings with JANUS enables easily recyclable or compostable packaging, reducing plastic waste and fostering a circular economy by diverting materials from landfills.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Improved Resource Efficiency and reduced Environmental Harm

JANUS, derived from organic sources like rice bran wax and sugarcane wax, diminishes reliance on finite fossil fuels, resulting in reduced adverse effects on climate, environment, and health. Embracing such sustainable materials in packaging fosters natural resource conservation and promotes a more sustainable supply chain.

Save the earth

Consumer Perception and Preference

As environmental concerns rise, consumers prioritize packaging's impact on the planet. Choosing JANUS-coated packaging enhances brand reputation as consumers favor products aligned with sustainability values. This shift motivates businesses to adopt eco-friendly alternatives and drive packaging industry innovation, benefiting both companies and the environment.

Go green for the future

Opportunities for Innovation

Envision a world embracing eco-friendly alternatives to polyethylene coatings, fostering innovation in the packaging industry. Companies prioritizing sustainable materials could thrive, advancing packaging design, manufacturing, and waste management. This innovation wave creates a more sustainable and competitive market landscape.

Think Green