A World With JANUS

Once JANUS coating technology is integrated world wide, these are the significant impacts we will see in our life time.

1. Reduced Environmental Impact

Switching to an eco-friendly alternative to polyethylene coating helps reduce the environmental footprint associated with packaging. Polyethylene(LDPE), which comes from fossil fuels causes serious issues, like adding to greenhouse gas emissions and marine pollution. By substituting it with a more sustainable option like JANUS, you're taking a big step in reducing the adverse environmental impact of packaging. Just imagine heading to the beach and not seeing plastic trash. That's how the Earth once was.

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2. Decreased Plastic Waste

Polyethylene coatings are often difficult to recycle, leading to increased plastic waste. By replacing them with JANUS, packaging materials can be designed to be easily recyclable or compostable. This could contribute to a reduction in plastic waste and promote a circular economy by diverting packaging materials from landfills.

fossil fuel extrnalities

3. Improved Resource Efficiency and reduced Environmental Harm

JANUS is made from organic renewable resources such as rice bran wax and sugarcane wax. This is great news because it reduces our dependency on limited fossil fuels. What's even better is that this shift can lead to a noticeable decrease in negative effects on the climate, the environment, and even our health that often come with the use of fossil fuels. By using more sustainable materials, the packaging industry will play a part in conserving natural resources, and contributing to a more sustainable supply chain.

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4. Consumer Perception and Preference

With the growing awareness of environmental issues, consumers are now more mindful of how packaging impacts our planet. Opting for packaging solutions with JANUS coatings can actually boost the reputation of brands and businesses. Why? It's because consumers are more inclined to support products that align with their values when it comes to sustainability.

This change in what consumers prefer can motivate businesses to embrace eco-friendly alternatives and push for innovation in the packaging industry. It's a win-win for both companies and the environment!

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5. Opportunities for Innovation

Imagine a world where we're developing and choosing to use eco-friendly alternatives to polyethylene coatings. We'd be opening up exciting opportunities for innovation in the packaging industry. Companies that focus on sustainable materials and technologies could flourish, driving progress in packaging design, manufacturing methods, and even waste management solutions.

This wave of innovation will cultivate a market landscape that's not only more sustainable but also more competitive.

fossil fuel extrnalities